New construction in Central Indiana has witnessed an impressive rebound. There are great options available in the realm of new custom or production homes that have been maintaining steady values.

​The Hero Perks team often hear of builder promotions before the news becomes public. We have seen everything from “free basement” promotions to no mortgage payments for a year – things got very creative during the housing downturn! Builder promotions change on a regular basis, almost daily, so DON’T MISS OUT!

Conveniently, the builder pays our fee, allowing you to purchase the home while being represented by a professional, and not having to pay extra for this piece of mind. ​ YOU WANT A REAL ESTATE AGENT TO REPRESENT YOU WHEN BUILDING A HOME OR BUYING A SPEC HOME. The builder is represented by the model home sales person. You need someone in your corner as well. Contact one of the Hero Perks agents today to get started searching for your dream home and lean on us to work hard to get a great value for your family!