Marketing with purpose

Marketing is the most crucial tool in getting your home sold. Someone once asked a high ranking employee at McDonald’s Restaurants® a question about his company’s success. His response was surprising, saying that they were not in the burger business, but rather the real estate business. Look at every McDonald’s® location and think about that statement. They are always in the BEST locations. Their locations are amongst lots of traffic, lots of eyeballs on their golden arches, and lots of empty stomachs. The Hero Perks team realizes they’re not only in the real estate business, but they’re in the advertising business as well. Without exposure, the typical seller would not see the results they expect and deserve.

There are over 9,200 real estate agents in Central Indiana. There are some who will put a sign in the yard, a lockbox on the door, and display their listing on a couple of different websites that have every available listing.

Then, there are the top agents, the TRUE professionals, who take their role as your REALTOR® very seriously. They are typically amongst the top 1% in their market. The Hero Perks Team is amongst these 1% agents.

Competitors find it hard to duplicate the team’s consistency and results.
The Hero Perks agents invest in their listings with a marketing full court press:

Professional photography and virtual tour:
You need more than a smart phone to make a home look its best! The Hero Perks team uses a professional photographer to capture the right shots, best angles, and to make the buyer’s first impression a great one. They have also used drone photography to show off their high end, luxury listings!

The importance of marketing on websites:
With over 90% of homebuyers starting their search online these days, you want a REALTOR® who is capable of grabbing buyers’ attention with comprehensive, easily accessible listings. Your home will be featured on Central Indiana’s version of the MLS (called the BLC),,,,, and about a hundred other ancillary websites that help drive traffic to your home!

Full color brochures:
Everything that the team creates and produces is done with the desire to be better. When a buyer is looking at your home online, in person, or on paper, they strive to provide a great experience. Your home must stand out among the others in order to get an offer. It’s not only a popularity contest; it’s a beauty contest too.

Social media blitz:
The team will work hard to position your home on social media outlets to drive traffic online, helping to get more people through your door. The more online views means the more in person showing, which leads to offers!

When you’re ready to sell, they’re ready to help.
Whatever your reasons for selling, choose a REALTOR® with experience and proven results.
Choose a member of the Hero Perks team!