The benefits of new construction homes

In regards to space, energy efficiency, and building materials, current home design is on the cutting edge of innovation. If you’re a fan of the latest technology and trends, and willing to break ground to get them, exploring new construction may be perfect for you.

Choice is also an attractive element in a new home. With new construction, your options are nearly limitless as you choose everything from the floor plan to the roof color based on your own personal taste. Central Indiana is home to a plethora of homebuilders ready and willing to serve you, with price ranges reflective of a buyer’s market and locations ripe for settling in. From condos to luxury estates, your Hero Perks agent will help you find it and build it!

Remember, using a real estate agent will not cost you when you work with a builder! The builder pays the agent’s fee, not you! And as an added bonus: data shows that we will save you thousands by using our services for new construction!

Again, using a Hero Perks agent will not cost you a penny more! The builder pays our fee, not you!