It’s your Hero Perks agent’s job as a buyer’s agent is to get you the best possible deal on a home. Period. With that in mind, this may be an investment that you sell in years to come so their goal is to strategically position you so when that time comes, you will be in a great position for success. With an agent on the Hero Perks team, you have someone on your side looking out for your best interest. The Hero Perks team knows Central Indiana real estate intimately and their knowledge of the area is hard to match. Whether you’re looking for a new or existing home, you are in great hands.

On the flip side, buying a home without a REALTOR® can be extremely hazardous to your wallet. A non-represented buyer can easily make costly mistakes simply because they don’t know the market well enough. You can rest easy knowing that you’ve got a pro on your side. Remember, using a REALTOR® to buy a home won’t cost you a penny more, the seller pays the commission, not you.

Since the Hero Perks team represents such a large amount of buyers, they are provided with a lot of valuable information from builders. At times they may know about specials before they hit the streets. Looking for a new home with free appliances? Want a completed builder home at a substantial discount? With their builder relationships, the Hero Perks team is well informed of the best deals available for their customers. Interested in a specific neighborhood but can’t seem to find any homes for sale? Put their team to work for you!