What are your Hero Perks savings?

The real estate agents listed on the “Our Team” page are a few agents from the Allen Williams Realty Group, offering a rebate of their commission back to you. When your home closes, which is when you sign all of your closing documents and when you typically get possession of the home, we will start the process of delivering back to you, a 25% rebate of your real estate agent’s commission. See the “Show Me My Perk” calculation below. This Hero Perks rebate will be paid to you within 10 business days after your closing. This is real money that can be used for home improvements, household bills, new appliances, a new patio, fence, vacation…whatever you want. THE MONEY IS YOURS! You’ve earned it and we’re thrilled to reward you for your service to our community.

Show me my perk

Example based on a commission received by a Hero Perks agent, using $10,000.00 as the commission listed on the settlement statement.
If your Hero Perks real estate agent is representing you on a home purchase, they are considered a “Buyers Agent” and if your HP agent is representing you on the sale of a home, they are considered a “Listing Agent”.

$10,000 COMMISSION to your Hero Perks agent, which again, is one of the licensed agents listed on the “Our Team” page. The commission paid to your agent will also be listed on the settlement statement, a document that will be provided to you both before closing and again at closing.

  • (-) $600.00 – this is a 6% Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Corporate Fee. This is not a fee that goes to us, it’s a fee that we must pay to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices on each transaction.
  • (-) $145 Transaction Fee. This is a fee that Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices charges for electronic document storage and is a very common fee charged by real estate offices. This fee goes to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and not members of our team.
  • = $9,255.00 Net Commission to Your Agent, which again is the agent commission (-) 6% Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices corporation fee (-) Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices​ transaction fee.
  • (x) 25% Your Hero Perk
  • = $2,313.75 Rebate to our Hero (Your Perk!) - this is the check you will receive within 10 business days after closing on the home you’re selling or buying. Again, this amount reflects 25% of the net commission to your agent.